Title Information Products

Westcor offers a full array of cost-effective title information products available in all 50 states. Product delivery is expedited via our secure web-based platform and can be customized to your specifications including automation system integration. Following are Westcor’s standard title information report options.

Residential Property Reports

A variety of residential property report services are available to provide information extracted from public land records on a specific residential tract. You can request a customized search ranging from a current owner search through a 30 year search depending on your specific needs. Whether you are conducting due diligence on a portfolio of loans for possible acquisition, or reviewing status of title to determine a foreclosure alternative course of action for your borrower, our property report provides public land record information regarding the status of title including current vesting, open voluntary liens (mortgages, deeds of trust, etc) assignments, subordination agreements, foreclosure notices, involuntary liens, judgments, lis pendens, property tax status and legal description.

Customized Title Search Products

-Legal and Vesting Report
-Vesting and Mortgage Report
-Mortgage Position Report
-Judgement and Lien Report

For more information, please contact us at lenderservices@wltic.com.